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Pulsation Dampeners / No Moving Parts Fluid Phase Change Type

Dampeners that attenuate pressure pulsation by use of a liquid to gas to liquid "phase change", or "release from solution". This "Phase-Change" type is similar to type 1 Ram-Jet and type 2 the "Ball Pack Dispersal, in that it also has to be an in-line flow-through interceptor type, BUT, The "Phase-Change" type owns its creation to the ancient "Steam-Injection" models. The flow passes through a restriction so great that the delta P causes the dissolved gasses to come out of solution. In that gasified condition, close to the down stream side of the orifice, they act like a miniscule accumulator addressing the volumetric component of the pressure spike. Further away from the down stream side of the orifice the gas bubbles re-condense or are "re-absorbed" back into solution. The discharge coefficient of orifice size to chamber diameter also helps dissipate pressure pulsation as in type 1, the "Ram-Jet" above. The disadvantage of type 3, is that it reflects pressure pulsation back to the system - though this decreases amplitude by doubling and doubling the frequency - AND this type costs an appreciable amount of "Pressure-Drop" ( Unlike the Ram-Jet ). There are suction side dampeners based on these type 3 principles, by the name of "CavGuard". Volumetric performance is good at the low forcing base frequencies of reciprocating pumps. Acoustic performance preventing negative wave propagation is good at all frequencies.

Dimensional Drawings, Cross Sectional Views, Cut Sheets:

"Close Coupling" thru-flow installation options CAD File

Pulsation Dampeners with No Moving Parts

PRESSURE PULSATION DAMPENERS THAT DO NOT ACCUMULATE FLOW. Otherwise known as "no moving parts" dampeners, "bladderless" dampeners, "membrane free" dampeners, "fit and forget" dampeners, and (the "iffy" one) the "foam-filled" type.

Pressure Pulsation Filters / Dampeners With No Moving Parts
Pulsation Frequency Reduction Type
No Moving Parts Fluid Phase Change Type
Fluid System Pressure Pulse Dispersal Type
Pulse Intensification and Dissipation Type
No Moving Parts Acoustic Pulsation Filter
In Line Through Flow Pressure Wave Interceptor
Ram Jet and Helmholtz Orifice Type
System Suction Cavitation Preventor

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