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Pulsation Dampeners / Fluid System Pressure Pulse Dispersal Type

Dampeners that cause the distance between point of pressure pulse wave entry and point of exit to be a huge multiplicity of distances (pressure pulsation diffusers). Thereby, what occurs at one instant at the inlet, becomes over a short period of time, greater than an instant, at the outlet. Thus a transient spike becomes a spectrum of frequencies. Or that is to say that by spreading the time base, a transient has its amplitude greatly reduced. This method is often called "wave dispersal". Or when the multiple flow paths are created by a pack of balls, "The Ball Pack Wave Dispersal Method". The original of these Ball Pack dampeners, uses CERAMIC balls, and is known as the WaveGuard "CER" Best performance is in the 250 Hz to 2500 Hz range.

Dimensional Drawings, Cross Sectional Views, Cut Sheets:

WaveGuard Ceramic CAD File
"Close Coupling" thru-flow installation options CAD File

Pulsation Dampeners with No Moving Parts

PRESSURE PULSATION DAMPENERS THAT DO NOT ACCUMULATE FLOW. Otherwise known as "no moving parts" dampeners, "bladderless" dampeners, "membrane free" dampeners, "fit and forget" dampeners, and (the "iffy" one) the "foam-filled" type.

Pulsation Dampener Pulse Dampener Pulsation Diffuser

Pressure Pulsation Filters / Dampeners With No Moving Parts
Pulsation Frequency Reduction Type
No Moving Parts Fluid Phase Change Type
Fluid System Pressure Pulse Dispersal Type
Pulse Intensification and Dissipation Type
No Moving Parts Acoustic Pulsation Filter
In Line Through Flow Pressure Wave Interceptor
Ram Jet and Helmholtz Orifice Type
System Suction Cavitation Preventor

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