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Pressure Pulsation Dampeners, Surge Suppressors, and Accumulators

There are both pressure pulsation and flow fluctuation, dampeners. There are dampeners for pressure pulsation. A dampener is defined as a device which will address pressure wave activity (IE: Pulsation dampeners must be able to address pressure changes with velocities between a thousand and two thousand meters per second). There are accumulators for flow fluctuation, that intercept pressure pulsation, these are called "dual purpose" dampeners. Dual purpose pulsation dampeners are defined also as an accumulator that will address flow fluctuation, and thereby prevent excessive acceleration head pulsation (as is only experienced with reciprocating pumps), and intercept/dissipate pressure waves. There are also pure accumulators, for flow fluctuation. The response characteristics of these devices is often not published.

Pressure Pulsation Filters / Dampeners With No Moving Parts
Pulsation Frequency Reduction Type
No Moving Parts Fluid Phase Change Type
Fluid System Pressure Pulse Dispersal Type
Pulse Intensification and Dissipation Type
No Moving Parts Acoustic Pulsation Filter
In Line Through Flow Pressure Wave Interceptor
Ram Jet and Helmholtz Orifice Type
System Suction Cavitation Preventor

Pulsation Dampeners with Elastomeric Membranes or Flexible Tubes
Flow Through Tube for Slurries and Semi Solids
Flow Through Tube for Viscous Liquids / Slurries
Flanged Tube for Viscous Liquids / Slurries
Large Flanged Tube for Sludges / Semi Solids
Sanitary Hygienic Tube for Clean Particulate Flow
System Liquid in Elastomer Bladder Type
Flow Fluctuation / Pressure Pulse Interception
System Liquid in Bladder Connection Options
Compatible Plastic Wetted Contact Parts
Multiple Plunger / Multi Flow / Sanitary
HP Flow Through Hubs / Base Blocks
Single Connection Flange Face or Threaded
Large Integral ANSI B16.5 Flange Face
Large Flange Connection and Piping Base
O Face plus Piping Base Block / Manifold
O Face plus Piping Base / Port Divider
With Non-Metallic or Wetted Parts
Precharge Gas in Elastomer Bladder Type
Gas Bladder Flow Fluctuation Accumulator
Integral Flange Face / O Ring Piping Base
Stainless Steel Flow Fluctuation Accumulator
Plastic Pulse Damper with Co-ax Option

Pulsation Dampeners with FlexFlon PTFE Diaphragm Membranes
PTFE Diaphragm Type for Hot and Cold Liquids
High Pressure Diaphragm Type / Secondary Containment
Diaphragm Type / Polished Stainless Wetted Parts
Viewsheets by Pump Type:
Diaphragm Metering Pump
Hose Pump
Lobe Pump
Low Pressure Dosing Pump
Diaphragm Metering Pump
Packed Plunger Pump
Progressive Cavity Pump
Vane Pump

Other Pulsation Dampeners / Pressure Vessels:
HP Liquid Chromatography Clean Sterilizable Pulse Dampener
Shock Preventor / Temperature Compensator / Metal Bellows
Sanitary C.I.P. HPLC System Pressure Pulse Dampener
Polished Wetted Pulsation Dampener / Foods and Drugs

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