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Pulsation Dampener Drawings - HP System Liquid in Elastomer Membrane Type

Pulsation Dampener Cross Section Drawing

The large diameter and short configuration of low pressure pipehuggers with stable operation when mounted in any orientation, enables "close coupling". This minimization of the distance between the pulsation dampeners' membrane internals and the pump inlet or check valve, ensures maximum performance by freeing the dampener response from a heavy column of liquid - between pump and dampener. Pipehugger is often between 3 times and nine times as efficient a dampener, size for size, as the gas bag (bladder balloon) type.
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System Liquid in Elastomer Bladder Type
Flow Fluctuation / Pressure Pulse Interception
System Liquid in Bladder Connection Options
Compatible Plastic Wetted Contact Parts
Multiple Plunger / Multi Flow / Sanitary
HP Flow Through Hubs / Base Blocks
Single Connection Flange Face or Threaded
Large Integral ANSI B16.5 Flange Face
Large Flange Connection and Piping Base
O Face plus Piping Base Block / Manifold
O Face plus Piping Base / Port Divider

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