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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

Pulsation Dampeners / Flow Through Tube for Slurries and Semi Solids

Flex Tube Pulsation Dampeners

Basics of design, & operating features of "PumpGuard" flex tube pulsation dampeners are :- Flow-Thru. with hole diameters from 3" / 76mm, up to 305mm / 12", as standard. No obstruction, or direction changes in the flow path, ensures suitability for entrained solids and high viscosities. For Hose and Peristaltic pump systems. Able to deliver volume back toward the pump to fill the void caused by shoe or wheel lifting off the hose, at the same time as continuing to provide steady flow forward to the system. Removing flow reversal provides pressure stability for hose pump systems. "PumpGuard" as its name implies, is total protection for pump suction systems.

Dimensional Drawings, Cross Sectional Views, Cut Sheets:

"Close Coupling" thru-flow installation options CAD File

Pulsation Dampeners with Elastomer Membranes

PipeGuard (PiG) - Gas in a Bag (bladder) Pulsation Dampeners
PipeHugger (PHr-PeG) - Liquid in Bladder Pulsation Dampeners
PumpGuard (PuG) - Clear-flow Flex Tube Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampener Pulse Dampener
Pulsation Dampeners with Elastomeric Membranes or Flexible Tubes
Flow Through Tube for Slurries and Semi Solids
Flow Through Tube for Viscous Liquids / Slurries
Flanged Tube for Viscous Liquids / Slurries
Large Flanged Tube for Sludges / Semi Solids
Sanitary Hygienic Tube for Clean Particulate Flow

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