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Pulsation Dampener Safety and Piping Pulsation Dampener Safety and Piping Pulsation Dampener Safety and Piping


Prevent Multiple Over Pressurizations.
1. Pressure testing your pipe system generally implies a sustained pressure of 1.3 to 1.5 times your design pressure.
With the introduction of higher allowable working stress figures in the USA, in line with those used in Europe, it is NOT normally allowable to subject pressure vessels to repeated pressure above design pressure.
To enable you to test the complete system pressure integrity, but still not over-pressure your dampener, PulseGuard standard dampeners fit piping base blocks which become part of the pipe system, and saves you "T" pieces, 3 fittings and 3 NDE jobs. PulseGuard has flow through plates that bolt in place of the dampener - which is supplied with its own "Hydro-Test" verification.
Prevent pipe loadings from stressing the vessel.
2. Whilst saving installation cost and ensuring pipe integrity testing, piping base blocks, add safety by ensuring that nozzle loadings are not applied to the vessel shell. Differential expansion and contraction of the pipe, shaking in the XY&Z planes does not apply fatigue stress to the dampener vessel.
Service down time, and or fast change-out is facilitated by simply unbolting the dampener capsule from the "O" ring face seals of its base.
Ensure Decontamination Before Servicing.
3. Being normally multiported flow through, piping bases provide the safety of being in-place flushable before service, protecting the service technician.
Ensure Accurate Pressure measurement by your instruments.
4. If the flow through facility, which also enables the dampener to intercept pressure wave activity that causes fatigue, is not required in your application, you may still pipe a "T" to one connection and save money by using the other for protecting your system Instrument tap from transients, or your relief valve from bouncing.

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