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Pulsation Dampener - System Suction Cavitation Preventor

CavGuard Suction Dampener / Cavitation Preventor

Bubble-Generation, making bubbles work for you, but keep away from suction.

The purpose of the "CAVGAURD" is to provide a dampener which has the elasticity of a gas loaded membrane pulsation dampener / akkumulator druck speicher without the need for any moving parts.
The cavguard - guarding against pump suction cavitation (suction stabilizers) - akkumulator uses the volatility of the fluid being pumped, or the level of absorbed gas within the liquid to come out of solution and reside away fro the damper outlet / pump inlet. This provides a cushion volume that is constantly being replenished. The cushion volume enables the sudden starting of a pump suction, - or repetitively in the case of a reciprocating machine - to receive liquid, without having to accelerate all of the mass of the liquid in the suction supply line.
There is an additional feature for positive displacement pumps that have "foot Valves" or "check valves. The inlet "snorkel" tapering to an orifice, then exploding into the tall chamber, helps to stop over pressurization suction "boost" pumps from driving the check valves off their seats - when they should be closing.

Pressure Pulsation Filters / Dampeners With No Moving Parts
Pulsation Frequency Reduction Type
No Moving Parts Fluid Phase Change Type
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No Moving Parts Acoustic Pulsation Filter
In Line Through Flow Pressure Wave Interceptor
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System Suction Side Cavitation Preventor

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