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Pulsation Dampener - System Liquid in Bladder Connection Options

PipeHugger High Intensity Trans-inject Molded, Web Stabalized, Liquid in the Bladder, Pressure Pulsation Interceptor

For flow-fluctuation removal and pressure pulse interception. Standard inventory dual use configuration.

CAUTION: Generally called a "dimensional drawing" this is a PulseGuard viewsheet. The length to diameter ratio(s) are not to the same scale.

Fig (a) Twin "TW" female porting, large connection goes to the pump, small for the constant velocity go to the system. Female connection available up to 1" Npt or 3/4" BSP. Centerline of connections at 0 degrees to the dampener C/L, call out as 0 x 0.

Fig (b) Twin "TW" male connections for larger sizes than (a) above. Note the pump connection, the larger of the two to suit the peak velocities, is always the longer of the two, to enable the use of a union connection.

Fig (c) Zero Degrees flanged meet a pump vertically up discharge, plus flanged at 90 degrees to go horizontal to a system.

Fig (d) Small volume dampeners with cushion caps cut from solid billet have 45 degree chamfered gas ends. Flange 90 x 90 to suit replacement of a "spool piece"

TOP - Integral flange face with threaded stud bolt holes.
CENTER - Wetted part end plug from Polypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride, PTFE glass bead reinforce etc.
BOTTOM - As an elastomer bladder is compatible with the system liquid, otherwise the FlexOrber range or other would be being considered, the cost of high cost alloys for wetted parts can be avoided by the use of an elastomeric liner.

Pulsation Dampeners with Elastomeric Membranes or Flexible Tubes
System Liquid in Elastomer Bladder Type
Flow Fluctuation / Pressure Pulse Interception
System Liquid in Bladder Connection Options
Compatible Plastic Wetted Contact Parts
Multiple Plunger / Multi Flow / Sanitary
HP Flow Through Hubs / Base Blocks
Single Connection Flange Face or Threaded
Large Integral ANSI B16.5 Flange Face
Large Flange Connection and Piping Base
O Face plus Piping Base Block / Manifold
O Face plus Piping Base / Port Divider
With Non-Metallic or Wetted Parts

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