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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

Pulsation Dampener - Stainless Steel Flow Fluctuation Accumulator

PipeGuard Accumulator with Stainless Steel and Elastomer Bladder

The higher the pressure for an shell, the thicker the wall. The smaller the diameter of the vessel the lower the cost. Economic volume for high pressure therefore comes in tall slim dimensions. Hence the PULSEGUARD "SlimLine" pulsedampner range. When the external environment requires the vessel body to be from stainless steel - example Oil & Gas Production Platform use, - PulseGuard "SlimLine" Accumulators are near mandatory.

To accommodate these requirements PLUS enable these slim bodies to take the huge diameter of high rating flanges, and continue to give short lead times, the PULSEGUARD PipeGuard HP pulse dampner range are pre-manufactured with a bolt pattern and a Smooth "O" ring face, called SF-"O" type.

System integrity is maintained by releasing the damper form the system but replacing it with the through flow blind that we provide, Pt # dampner number "TFB".

In this single "+1Flg" condition the dampener, is actually only an accumulator. With the replacement of the single flanged piping bas by a multi port piping base the accumulator becomes a pressure pulsation interceptor, that isolates pump activity from the system response pulsation. Please see drawing / view sheet PigMP&PB.bmp "Inline thru-flo shock interceptor"

SHORT LEAD TIME AVAILABILITY of 690 Bar & 1380 Bar series shock wave interception dampeners, with acceleration head reduction accumulation capability.

The purpose of the dampener called "PIPE-HUGGER" VHP & UHP, type "O", O ring faced, with "PB" Piping Bases, is to provide a high extreme pressure pulsation dampener quickly. Dampers that will intercept shock pressure activities between source and system potential response, to prevent resonance. Further, that will prevent a decompression explosion of compresses liquid from an injection or intensifier pump from the excitation of piping and or instrumentation, by the process of "interception - isolation"

As the Dampener but not the VPH "PB" piping base blocks are not an inventory item, the lead time is limited to pipe base block machining, and addition of the tubing connectors that you specify.

Bladders material type is installed to order. The resultant lead time is normally 1 week to 5 weeks.

Pulsation Dampeners with Elastomeric Membranes or Flexible Tubes
Precharge Gas in Elastomer Bladder Type
Gas Bladder Flow Fluctuation Accumulator
Integral Flange Face / O Ring Piping Base
Stainless Steel Flow Fluctuation Accumulator
Plastic Pulse Damper with Co-ax Option

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