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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

Pulsation Dampener - Plastic Pulse Damper with Co-ax Option

PipeGuard Plastic Pulsation Dampener
CAUTION: Generally called a "dimensional drawing" this is a PulseGuard viewsheet. The length to diameter ratio(s) are not to the same scale.

PIPEGAURD DAMPENERS however HAVE 2 CONNECTION, either direct in, or in piping base blocks, AND DAMPEN TO SOME EXTENT, BUT NOT AS PROPERLY AS THE PULSEGUARD Inc. pipehugger range of LARGE DIAMETER DAMPENERS. click here to GOTO essentials.txt

The benefit of the PIPEGUARD "dampeners" is that being small diameter, although this of itself reduces the dampening efficiency, PipeGuards are lower cost, particularly for higher pressures, WHERE THE PRESSURE SHELL HAS TO BE STAINLESS STEEL FOR EXTERNAL CORROSION RESISTANCE REASONS. Where SS externals not required click here to go to PipeHugger.

1. Where the flow fluctuation accumulator or pulsation dampeners is 8" diameter and larger the liquid end is closed with a 2:1 SE head, see details top right.

2. Where the flange connections required have an OD the same or less than the dampener liquid end OD flange is integral with the dampener end. Threaded stud bolt holes are provided on the same pcd as an ANSI flange. See detail top left.

3. Where the required flange is slightly larger than the damper end, and time allows, an oversized flange matching end may be provided with the benefit of greater compactness (than a flange welded on). See detail top center.

2. & 3. above are available with flange port threaded F NPT or F BSP

PIPEGUARD Low Pressure.
The PipeGuard L/P series, where large enough may have the features 1,2,3.

The PipeGuard "SlimLine" series do not have features 2 & 3 above.

Replace a "T".
Flow through Piping Base Blocks, shown bottom right beneath the pulsation dampener drawing, are available to fit all items with features 2 or 3 above. Piping base blocks cause the dampener version of this PipeGuard flow fluctuation accumulator, to have not only the ability to address higher frequency pressure pulsation, at moderate frequencies, but also to have better internal agitation for flushing, and more constant temperature. Pulsation Dampeners are released from their piping bases which remain part of the pipe system - keeping pipe system integrity - and the dampener capsule is replaced in the shortest possible down time. System flushing of crud before startup, and hydro testing are all performed without the damper capsule being prejudiced - replaced with a bolt on by-pass block.

PIPEGUARD - Pig/"TW" shown in details section, center, may be twin port threaded, + "Ls" for welding into the pipe "Type TW+W", or plus Flanges "Type TW+Flg." These Pulsation Dampeners are also available in the high pressure series with "Hubs" "Type TW+H".

Generally Super-Pressure and Ultra-Pressure pulsation dampeners are direct ported. The best configuration is with MALE Autoclave or similar connections. The nitrogen fill valve, is often a matter of customer preference, and is user specified. Pre-Filling with nitrogen is mode complex, please click here to GOTO www.pulse-guard.com/pulsation-dampeners- bladder/installation-maintenance/dampener-pre-fill-p4.html & equivalent PDF

Pulsation Dampeners with Elastomeric Membranes or Flexible Tubes
Precharge Gas in Elastomer Bladder Type
Gas Bladder Flow Fluctuation Accumulator
Integral Flange Face / O Ring Piping Base
Stainless Steel Flow Fluctuation Accumulator
Plastic Pulse Damper with Co-ax Option

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Click on the picture of the damper below to see how it works and is assembled, animated.
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