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Pulsation Dampener - Large Flange Connection and Piping Base

PipeHugger Pulsation Dampener with Piping Base and Flange

PipeHugger pulsation dampener with only one connection. Where pipes are sized for flow velocity below 2 meters per second a massively oversized flow hole is specified with an enormous flange on a small damper. PulseGuard is able to do this for you, by the use of what is normally a flow-through base block.

The purpose of the dampener called "PIPE-HUGGER" HP, type "PB/+1Flg", designation PhrHP+PB+1Flg is to provide a high pressure pulsation dampener from inventory, off the shelf on short lead times. The addition of a physically larger flange, than the dampener itself, is readily accomplished. Both the pulsation dampener capsule and the system connection "O" ring sealed block, are normal inventory in 12 sizes, all in a pressure tested condition, and in two pressure ratings, the only waiting time is for the addition of the flange that you specify. Bladders are installed to order. The resultant lead time is normally 3 days to a week.

The large amount of pressure change that is left in the system after installation of theses single connection dampeners - due to trying to reciprocate a mass of liquid up and down a dead leg in a fraction of a second - seen as pressure pulsation in the system, is not a PulseGuard responsibility. Pressure pulsation dampeners, that are specifically designed to prevent this problem, are also an inventory choice. To achieve the interception and non generation of pressure pulsation for dampening, you only have to save a "T" and specify multi-port in line flow-through, true pulsation dampeners.

As the corrosive liquids are within the bladder, these dampeners do not require the air pad / nitrogen housing to be manufactured from an expensive liquid compatible metal.

PipeHugger HP dampers are therefore useable in a large range of processes at economic costs.

The liquid wetted metal parts of these pulsation dampeners are typically 316/316L stainless steel, Alloy 20, and Titanium 2. The Pipehugger HP pulse damper bladders are inventoried in: EP, Fluoro Elastomer designation "V", Nitrile, and Hypalon. 20 other bladder materials are made to order including Butyl.

Liquids compatibility is less expensive with PULSEGUARD PULSATION DAMPENERS".

Pulsation Dampeners with Elastomeric Membranes or Flexible Tubes
System Liquid in Elastomer Bladder Type
Flow Fluctuation / Pressure Pulse Interception
System Liquid in Bladder Connection Options
Compatible Plastic Wetted Contact Parts
Multiple Plunger / Multi Flow / Sanitary
HP Flow Through Hubs / Base Blocks
Single Connection Flange Face or Threaded
Large Integral ANSI B16.5 Flange Face
Large Flange Connection and Piping Base
O Face plus Piping Base Block / Manifold
O Face plus Piping Base / Port Divider
With Non-Metallic or Wetted Parts

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