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Pulsation Dampener - Diaphragm Type / Polished Stainless Wetted Parts

Food and Drug Service Pulsation Dampener with Polished Stainless Wetted Parts
CAUTION: Generally called a "dimensional drawing" this is a PulseGuard viewsheet. The length to diameter ratio(s) are not to the same scale.

Pulsation Dampeners with PTFE / Teflon / Flexflon Diaphragms from PulseGuard are available in the "FLEXORBER LP" range. They are constructed from "hydro formed" dishings, from 316/316L. and other corrosion resistant metals. The PulseGuard FlexOrber LP range of dampeners has volumes from 10 cubic inches (0.15 Liter) up to 1000 in3 (16+ Liters).

Flexorber Pulsation Dampeners from PulseGuard have part number designators "SOG", this covers pressures from 150 psi which are known as VLP (very low pressure) series, up to 1250 psi . Above that pressure PulseGuard pulsation Dampeners with PTFE and similar membrane diaphragms are offered as the "FLEXORBER HP" range. These dampeners are machined from solid billet. HP dampeners have a designator "FLO" and have secondary containment and double layer membranes with hazard alerts. Click here to go to FLO.img

The SOG dampener view sheet shows the "food and Drug" optional trim with stainless support rings pt. nbrs. 5 and 5a, plus polished liquid contact parts item 3.
The diaphragms of the dampeners are in 2 forms.
To the left of the center line the DW FLEXFLON series membrane is shown with bolted ant extrusion method, parts 8a 8b.
To right of center the dampeners have diaphragms without bolt on anti extrusion plates, they are encapsulated within an elastomeric backing to a virgin PTFE smooth faced diaphragm pt. nbr. DF---TFE-EP. This is the most cleanable version.
Click here to go to heating / cooling jacketed option

All flexorber dampeners are available with item 7 quick release minimum down time piping base blocks . The dampener shown here has polished food industry quick clamp connections 7a 7b.

The dampener capsules can be replaced with "By-Pass / Diverter Block" shown top right. This enables the pipe system to be hydro testes or flushed and sterilized while the capsule dampeners are being serviced, pre-filled, or bath sterilized.

Dampener piping base blocks are used as the confluence of many flow streams, there may be up to 5 flow streams, see bottom left. This enables pressure activity to be intercepted and resonance prevented. The connection to connection dimension is normally similar to the OD of the Dampeners.

Pulsation Dampeners with FlexFlon PTFE Diaphragm Membranes
PTFE Diaphragm Type for Hot and Cold Liquids
High Pressure Diaphragm Type / Secondary Containment
Diaphragm Type / Polished Stainless Wetted Parts
With Non-Metallic or Wetted Parts
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