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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

Sanitary C.I.P. HPLC System Pressure Pulse Dampener

TubeGuard Sanitary / C.I.P / HPLC Pulsation Dampener

TubeGuard pulsation dampener. Cleanable in place below pre-fill pressure. Sanitary / CIP / & HPLC connections "CB" or "Triclover" or national or international dairy fittings, in up to 2 inch tubing.

Dampfer fur Haut Druck mit "Liquid Chromatography" the smoothing of the pressure pulses prevents disturbance of the particles in the separation column. Enables accurate separation while reducing separation time and increasing efficiency. The ingress of microbes toward the seal entrapment area i prevented by 90 degree shut-off with the PTFE surface of the diaphragm. Inlet and outlet are spaced widely apart to increase scouring action for in place
cleaning. The membrane anti-extrusion is accomplished without surface mounted plates. Here the plates are internal to the membrane backing elastomer. Backing elastomer bonding imparts elasticity to the PTFE surface.
The "TUBEGUARD" version of the "HPLC" series dampener enables cleaning in place at lower than normal pumping pressure. The lower pressure enable higher flow velocity to reduce cleaning cycle time. This is achieved by driving the process side membrane with a "transfer fluid", the quantity of which is lees than could drive the process diaphragm full down against the dampener housing. The transfer fluid comes from a different gas spring damper which is mounted on top of the process dampener.

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